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In Acapulco during its peak in the 1970s through 1990s, Gunther and Walter Kayser—two of the three OKTOSUP partners, grew up swimming, diving, and snorkeling anywhere they could in and around the gorgeous bay. Due to the fact that the tourism industry has always been a part of their family’s business, they were raised as enthusiastic travel entrepreneurs from a young age. Their professionalism and expertise in the tourism sector have risen as a result of years of experience, working for both; own and international tour operators, and living in tourism destinations.
Along with nature photographer Nallely Martinez, whose passion for the outdoors has taken her across Mexico, Galapagos Islands, Europe and some Africa´s breathtaking scenery.

We three want OKTOSUP to bring you joy and leave indelible memories in your heart.

Our Story

It all began 10 years ago, when on a paddleboard ride with friends, we discovered the natural attractions at various points along the way, the landscapes astounded us and sparked our curiosity to learn more about each location. Due to his prior work in the tourism industry, Gunther was aware that a knowledgeable guide was necessary to present information during the excursion and turn it into a joyful and educational experience. With that idea in mind and thanks to the support of the Gremilion family, who funded the purchase of the first five remote-controlled electric propellers!!! The learning curve started there. We began adjusting the specifics of this expedition with the help of friends and family. We experienced the speeds, put the electric motors through their paces, and picked up navigational skills. 

Today’s adventure is an incredible experience, with each participant using a paddleboard: we cruise along the entire Land´s End coast  towards “Pelican Rock”, Lover’s Beach, the famous “El Arco”, the sea lion colony, and then back to our starting point. If the tide conditions allow us, we can always visit “Lover´s Beach”, walk towards “Divorce Beach” and snorkel with endless tropical fish and, if we are lucky, swim next to tame sea lions!!!
The learning process has been phenomenal, and we are grateful to have today’s guided tour, which we enjoy every day alongside our grateful customers.


Electric Paddleboard Tour, Los Cabos

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